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2014-07-18| Esra Aygün

Syria Syrian Friendship Association organized the ILO and co workers, employers and entrepreneurs labor market problems and solutions.

ILO Director-General Mr. Numan Özcan, Society General President Mr. Kadri Esra AYGÜN and our Association branch president




 Syrian girl read-write our (Turkish) Training courses

Syrian girl read-write our (Turkish) Training courses


Training by the experts nominated by our association with young people who come to participate in social activities (Turkish, computer and Picture) and development seminars, addiction rehabilitation sessions will be held about the environment will be created. Travel and satisfies the youth to be social with picnics, an attempt to achieve adaptation to city life.

Syrian brothers with SHARE

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Syrian brothers with SHARE


Syrians in Turkey for more than five years are a time. This is more than half of the 2.7 million population of children and young people make up. approximately two hundred thousand Syrians in Turkey baby was born. This situation is turning increasingly to the persistence of the situation, which initially guests.

It also issues of social and economic cohesion in the agenda. The first to benefit from the rights they enjoy as migrant women and children are recorded, placing the women's guesthouse education of children, migrants, which will facilitate the solution of these problems. The only solution for the problem is not solved the language learning of Turkish immigrants, it is made to them on NGOs in order to find ways to reach their own language.